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Rocket Ranch is a venue that provides camping, lodging, touring, and launch observation from the edge of the exclusion zone of the worlds most powerful flying machine: Starship SuperHeavy at SpaceX's StarBase.

We provide the closest most elevated perspective available to the public for StarShip lauches and the closest lodging.  


Rocket Ranch has currently two active locations: The Rocket Ranch Campground & The Rocket Ranch Outpost. 

The Rocket Ranch Outpost is our premier launch observation venue providing outstanding views of the SuperHeavy launch site at only 3.7 miles from stage zero. We feature an elevated platform and unmatched media service.


We welcome many live streamers/broadcasters, and all lovers of StarShip, providing unmatched launch views. 

We offer discounts to SpaceX employees


The Outpost sits on the Rio Grande at the edge of the 40 square mile Lower Rio Grand Valley National Preserve. Expect incredible nature and true outdoor camping conditions. Please provide whatever you need to make yourself comfortable.


Rocket Ranch will supply a few common area tents for guests while supplies last.


There are two porto-potties, hand wash stations, and food trucks available during the event for your convenience.


We will provide live coverage all night long, including any in-flight views made available to us by SpaceX to LZ. 

There will be music and laser light shows.


The Rocket Ranch Campground is 9.7 miles from stage zero and consists of vintage campers: The Sub, Daisey Mae, and Wheely. We also have two rooms available in our Ranch House.

Our Andromeda Pavilion is a large shaded area overlooking the river available for rentable parties, featuring a service container. 

Each room at the Ranch has different qualities; all including power, StarLink based Wi-Fi, bed(s), towels, sheets, and access to some of the general facilities within the Ranch House  

The Ranch house is a common area shared by the ranch guest. It has two rooms in a separated area with two full beds. The Solar room has a direct view of the Rio Grande, the Moon room is on the nature preserve side and tends to stay a little cooler and darker. 

The Ranch House includes a play room with full arcade machine, musical instruments, a maker space with 3D printer/CNC's, and of course, merch!


We have media packages available with special rooms on site for broadcasting.

The Sub, is our largest rentable trailer with one queen bed with a small table. This room has plenty of space for a pop-out bed or equipment

Daisy Mae is ok for a cozy couple or a single astronaut. Just the basics here. Stays plenty cold.


Wheelie has two twin beds with a little more space in the middle. 

This is not the Hilton. It is the best place/community to be with for launches and make life long friends.

The Rocket Ranch Campground sits on 4 acres with plenty of space for self-contained vehicles (even if our website say's we're fully booked). 

Licensed fishing is available

Boat rides are available on our drone ship to Patreon members only, and by special events. Please consider joining!

Swimming in the Rio Grande is very much NOT recommended (and possibly illegal)

No, we do not get border crossings. 

We have two community area bathrooms with hot showers available to trailer, and camping guests at the campground. 

We offer multiple 24/7 CC views of StarBase on our command center

Rocket Ranch is available for large events and weddings

All Ranch activities, amenities and access to the facility in general is considered at your own risk

For launch ticket holders, please arrive at the Rocket Ranch Campground no later than 14 hours before the projected launch time. From there, you will be bussed to the Outpost with your belongings. No personal vehicles are allowed at the Outpost, so bring whatever you need.


At our proximity, Rocket Launches can be dangerous. In the case of an anomaly we strongly recommend having hearing protection.


The Outpost has two flame trenches available for cover. You will have 16 seconds or less to find shelter, or lay flat in the event of a pressure wave. 

If you want experience the worlds most powerful rocket as close as possible - you have found your home. 

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